Blog Updates

The new single is live!  

We finally get to share with you the song that we've been working on over at Robinson Audioworks. This has been an awesome re-entry into the recording world for us as neither of us have released recorded music in years. We're going to keep that fire lit and bring you some more songs by the start of 2023. Please let us know what you think of this one and thank you so, so much for the support!

Here's a link to the streaming services!

Photo Shoot Booked 

We just booked a promo photo shoot for June with Press Pause Images out of Memphis, TN. We are so excited! Everything is coming together slowly, but surely. We should be hearing back from our studio prospects within the next week about booking time!

Website and Social Setup 

We are finally to the point where we are laying groundwork for social media and network. This is exciting! We have three singles in the works, and we aren't far from booking shows either. If you're seeing this now you're on the ground level with us, so thank you so much. Within 6 months we want to have a large dent in social presence, so here it goes! Thank you for coming along with us!